Sunday, July 4, 2010

I know, I know...

Happy Fourth of July!

It's been so long, I don't know where to start! So I'll go with pretty... This is the Eden Climber that has FINALLY reached up to the top of the arbor on the west end of the house. I think it has taken at least five years to get this far! My goal is for it to absolutely smother the arbor...won't that be spectacular?

Leaving pretty behind, let me move on to ugly...

Here you are looking at a ripped window awning on the motor home. Behold its bent arm and banged up cover. Chris created this lovely mess when he was putting the motor home into its barn. Smacked right into the barn door - OUCH! Considering the side mirrors only clear the doors by an inch on each side - really - I'm grateful he hasn't removed an entire side. Speaking of mirrors...while driving across the Frenchtown bridge a couple of weeks ago, he clipped the Jeep's side mirror on an oncoming car. Poor Chris. Anybody know the karmic significance of mirror smashing?

Looks like I've got a theme going here, so on to...gaudy! Every year opening day of polo is also a tailgate competition. So this year I wanted to pay homage to polo's roots in India. After some scrounging around in my brain, I decided I would create a Polo Lounge. Scampering around the house, I pulled together anything looking remotely "lounge-ish, polo-ish or India-ish." Walmart came through with $1.75 a yard hot pink fabric and the orange sheers - that was a stroke of luck, if ever there was one.

We won, so we received a wonderful gift basket of food and drink goodies. It was fun.