Sunday, February 10, 2008

The Daily Grind...

Remy wants to have his say about life in the coach...

It's another beautiful morning here,

so poppa peep and I head out for our walk...

This is our street.

I like it a lot because there are hardly any other dogs on it. It's good to be king of the block! I really hate those little dogs...I mean they all think they are tough stuff. Always staring and yapping at me, as IF... Mom peep calls them "two bites." I'm not sure what she means exactly, but she thinks it's a funny thing to say.

Sometimes we go all around the park. This year we have new territory to explore. There are a bunch of new pads in a new part of the park. I like this because there is hardly anyone there and there are lots of new smells to check out. Here's what the new part looks like.

Other times, we go "outside" IF dad peep *remembers* to bring the little white card that opens the gate to get back into the park. If he forgets, we have to wait for a car to make the gate work. But it is lots of fun because I can get off the leash and chase the ball at this big field.
That's it for now. Time to get my treats. Yum!

Saturday, February 9, 2008

Florida La La Land

Okay…enough of this laying around the pool, basking in the sun of perfect Florida days…get to blogging!!

We’ve been here two weeks come Monday and so far have been to a cocktail party at the clubhouse, a welcome back reception for us hosted by our next door neighbors Bill and Joanna:

Left to right - Marge, our hostess Joanna and Ellie (who lives in Pittstown!!). You can see our coach over the top of the hedge behind the gals.

Chris and host Bill behind the bar.

Super Bowl at Charlotte and Michael's place down the street, a more than wonderful dinner at next door neighbors Jenny and Paul's the first night we arrived and we have hosted two dinner parties at the coach.

WHEW! No wonder I’m tired!

We drove the l-o-n-g way down to Florida this trip. That’s go west on I-78 to I-81 south, eventually hooking up with I-95 in North Carolina. This route may add a few miles to the trip, but it is a beautiful, easy drive for us. All through Virginia we paralleled the Blue Ridge Mountains - gorgeous. Of course, one huge advantage of this route is it allows us to avoid Baltimore and Washington DC on I-95.

If you are wondering how Remy manages the rigors of long days in the coach, I offer you this…

Sleeping peacefully between the driver and co-pilot seats.
He likes to keep an eye on us.

Well, I have to sign off for now...we have to get over the Bill and Ann's for drinks. Can't be late...