Saturday, December 15, 2007

The Storm That Wasn't

We were all bracing for the first big blow of winter - that awful ice storm that wrecked havoc in the midwest. Instead it just produced a lovely sunrise winterscape for me to capture with my digital camera. I do not know what it is about the early morning light here at the farm, but it has taken my breath away more times that I can count.

I love my digital camera! What a great tool for experimenting with photography. Take a hundred pictures and throw them all away with nary a care. It really frees up the creative process, for me anyway. All the pictures on this blog are taken with a Kodak Easy Share I bought earlier this year. I was giddy with it in France. Tiny and easy to carry, I took over 500 photos. Sure, the vast majority were not worth the chip space they used, but the ones that turned out thrilled me. I still love my old 35 mm, but I have not taken it on recent trips as it is bulky and I tired of worrying about it getting lost or stolen.

I took both these shots from our front porch looking across the creek to the neighboring farm. Everything was coated in ice to dazzling effect.

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